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Your house is your kingdom. Therefore, it should be a sanctuary where you can rest and relax – not endlessly fix and repair it.Having a house or business generally includes the responsibility of keeping a lawn and garden. Whether you have a commercial property with acres of land or a little home with an attached yard, you have to battle the same lawn and maintenance care issues. Rather than constantly striving to maintain your landscape by yourself, you can opt to hire professional lawn care service providers like Oviedo Lawn Care to relieve you of the stress associated with lawn maintenance.

We offer a wide variety of lawn care services. Therefore, no matter what you need, we can manage any lawn care issue so you can return to enjoying your exterior space sooner than when you do it yourself.

Oviedo Lawn Care has been in the lawn care and home care services company for many years, and we use these years of knowledge for every task we take on. You can depend on us. If any issues do arise, know that we will be there to resolve them for you, paying great attention to details. We understand that exceptional customer care is essential to managing a profitable business. Supplying all our customers with quality work over a weekly schedule is our objective. We aim for premium quality at each turn.

We provide every one of our services at an affordable price with total honesty about what you should expect, which means you will not be saddled with any surprises on the costs. Let us fulfill your lawn care needs with the quality service you expect.

Lawn Service Oviedo FL

At Oviedo Lawn Care, we actively help you keep and improve the worth of the investment you have made in your landscaping. Our objective is to help you create healthy trees, shrubs, and beautiful lawns.

Proper landscape maintenance requires a comprehensive understanding of plant growths, soil types, the consequences of green problems, bugs, diseases, and other lawn care-related things like cutting and pruning. That is why we are here. We aim to provide the most excellent value for our customers’ investment to maintain and improve their yards’ health and aesthetics.

Creating an immediate irrigation system helps make watering your lawn and landscape an effortless job. To maintain your sprinkler system, periodic maintenance is needed. Our Spring Start-Up Maintenance Package ensures that your system is up and running effectively, while our Winter Maintenance Package makes sure to close your irrigation system properly before winter. Our trained experts can offer these services to help you with your irrigation maintenance.

We are prepared to solve virtually any issue with your irrigation system. If part of your lawn calls for less water than other areas, or if your landscape demands a consistent supply of water on all parts, our lawn irrigation professionals can work on them for you.

Adequate irrigation requires two key components: proper design and appropriate products. Whether you want to use a completely new program or change your existing one, we will develop and put in a sprinkler system that efficiently and effectively waters your landscape and lawn.

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Lawn Care Service Oviedo FL

We provide various lawn care solutions to suit your requirements. We have everything your home needs all year round, from replacing and fertilizing old grass to insect management and proper lawn aeration. Below, we have provided an in-depth list of these innovative services.

Weed Control Services

Unwanted weeds have their way of sprouting from places you don't need them to be. We provide various kinds of flexible weed control plans based on the specific need of your grass. Whether you have a lawn filled with broadleaf weeds or wish to pre-treat your yard to prevent problems before they begin, this particular service is perfect for you.

Lawn Fertilization Services

​Most people are aware that fertilization is essential to having grass that grows healthy and thick. A well-fertilized lawn can help keep the development and spread of lawn disease and manage weed growth.

Lawn Insect & Pest Control

​Some insects are helpful to your grass, but nobody appreciates stinging fire ants that produce huge unsightly dirt mounds, fleas, and ticks that get on your pets and loved ones, causing health issues. We can recognize different kinds of insects and use proper treatment to eliminate them.

Professional Landscaping Services

We can create a lovely environment for your family to achieve your dream lawn. An outstanding landscape is advantageous to any home or commercial property because it increases the property’s value or impresses customers. With years of experience and excellent resources, we can deal with any design or request you require. Whether you want to start from scratch or like spring pick-me-up for your lawn, we have the equipment and knowledge to get your home or commercial property a custom splash of comfort and color. Talk to one of our landscape specialists today to create a unique design for your lawn.

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Yard Aeration Services

Your plants don't merely need fertilization and water management to grow well; soil aeration is essential to achieve a healthy garden. We utilize the primary aeration lawn process that perforates the ground and enables air, fertilizer, and water to penetrate your plant's root zone effectively. Aeration is advantageous to your home and can produce the ideal conditions for premium lawn development, improving your lawn and making it last longer. Thatch can accumulate under your lawn and choke the earth, so if you frequently water and fertilize your plants, they might not be getting the attention they require. Let our professional staff evaluate your lawn and provide you with aeration products so that you can move toward a much better, greener landscape.

Pressure Washing

Even when your grass looks fantastic, your business or home can get messy due to natural winds and storms. We can handle this kind of problem, too. We want to ensure your structures and flat areas look as well-kept and clean as the remainder of your home. Therefore we provide a "whole care" program, an option that takes into consideration your curb appeal must-have. Let your business or house get excellent maintenance care, which guarantees a spring-clean look accomplished by a power wash and siding cleaning. Technicians take exceptional care to clean away the dirt and grime that might have accumulated on your exterior surfaces without destroying your house siding our patio.

Lawn Drainage Solutions

When working with rainy weather and stagnant water, water drainage can be an issue that can plague your home and lawn. Setting up your yard for the wet season and ensuring your drainage system is in excellent working order can make a big difference for your grass. Our lawn specialists will identify the best style and advanced drainage strategies to prevent flooding and topsoil loss. Let us keep your yard from turning right into a swamp or a muddy mess with our drainage solutions.

Oviedo Lawn Service

oviedo lawn careWe are masters of lawn care services in Oviedo, FL, offering lawn mowing, sprinkler systems, landscaping, fertilizing, maintenance, aeration, and much more. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or business professional, you can believe in us getting the task done correctly.

We are passionate about lawn care services that open more business opportunities for you. We have an expansive and curated unique selection of lawn services.

The lawn care staff that we will dispatch will take several samples to determine your soil needs. We seek to boost calcium and phosphorus to decrease iron and manganese quantities in your soil. Through aeration, we can ensure that sufficient nutrients get to the roots of the crops. This is one of the effective ways to ensure successful root growth.

We provide natural lawn care within the city of Oviedo. We have brought on professional, eco-conscious teams to deliver sustainable lawn care to smaller communities. Solar-powered lawn cutting and maintenance, together with our organic therapy plans, will bring your lawn to life.

We are dedicated to making your outside space both beautiful and secure for your whole family, even pets and kids. Your lawn is a crucial part of your property, so you should ensure that it is healthy and functioning well.

Oviedo Mower

There may be many reasons why you may have to use a lawn mowing service in your area. Whatever your reasons are, employing us to take care of your lawn is a convenient and affordable solution in the long term. We invest in the proper equipment to perform each procedure as quickly as possible while keeping our quality standards. This enables us to maintain our affordable pricing for you. Our grade lawn mower blades spin faster compared to others, which results in an excellent cut.

We offer flexible mowing and lawn care products based on your requirements and the conditions of your grass. We can mow various types of lawn at different heights. This is important because grass that is cut very short cannot correctly proceed through photosynthesis phases, which controls your lawn’s overall look and growth.

Our lawn mowing has all you would expect from an experienced lawn mowing professional and more. Customer care is our main priority, followed by the quality service that we perform. When you employ us to trim your lawn, you can count on it being mowed, edged, cut, and cleaned up properly for your satisfaction.

Keep your landscape healthy with our weekly lawn-cutting assistance and our mowing services.

Need Help from a Lansdcaping Pro in Oviedo FL?

Landscaping Oviedo FL

Regardless of the area you wish to be landscaped; we have the ideal services for your requirements. We offer affordable landscaping with a wide selection of plants and styles to select from. We consider the colors, plant longevity, and the right techniques when planning your home layout. We are the professionals you can trust to handle all your landscaping projects from start to end. Through our simple step-by-step process, you can manage the general results of the task. At the same time, we deal with the specifics, so your landscape does not only look terrific but also runs effectively without drainage or piping issues.

We make sure that every project is completed according to your vision, translated into landscape solutions that fit your objectives. However big or small the tasks are, we will treat each of them with the same passion and commitment to deliver a healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscape to your home or commercial establishment.

Oviedo Landscaping

Our Central Florida landscaping Oviedo FL service enables you to create a beautiful landscape by maintaining your outdoor living areas and hardscapes. We understand how important your landscaping is for you. It is perfect for curbside appeal and the general appearance of your home. However, landscape maintenance is tedious and time-consuming. That is why we provide seasonal landscaping services throughout the entire year.

Our landscaping services include:

  • Removal of present overgrown plants and stumps roots
  • Landscape bed preparation that provides for growth and adding amendments
  • Lawn edging and mulching repair
  • Proper planting and selection of excellent local nursery replacement plants

Oviedo Lawn Care Services

We know that your lawn has to look fantastic and as unique as it can. Whether it is a full-sized yard for a detached home, garden spaces that are small for an apartment complex, or a huge industrial lawn for a business establishment, we will send a great lawn care staff to work on it. We also provide lawn care products for manufacturing centers, shopping malls, hotels, stores, universities, schools, office complexes, condos, recreational centers, parks, municipalities, apartments, and medical or hospital buildings.

Our lawn care service professionals love spreading the word about ways to keep your grass looking the best it can and ways to take care of our environment. This includes the focus we place on offering outstanding support and service to our clients.

So in case you have been searching for a lawn service dedicated to satisfying and sustainable outcomes, we believe it is time to call off the search. Call us now so that you can experience our excellent services.


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