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Your image is important to us, so we pride ourselves in supplying reliable, quality work that surpasses our customers’ expectations. We recognize that your flowers, trees, grass, and shrubs are assets to your home or commercial space, so we offer landscaping and yard maintenance. We also understand water’s critical role in sustaining plants and vegetation, so irrigation landscaping is another service we offer.

A proper irrigation system on your customized landscape is a must to maintain healthy greeneries. This is most often performed through underground sprinklers that can be slated to release a preferred quantity of water at a particular time. Customized irrigation and a drainage system are the fastest way to ensure that your landscaping design will remain gorgeous in the decades to come. It is also the quickest way to protect your overall landscape investment.

lawn irrigation maintenance

During harsh weather conditions, it is a must that your landscaping gets the correct amount of water on time. When you hire us, we will design the irrigation system with your specific landscaping requirements. It will be programmed to produce the actual quantity of water your greenery needs and can slate to distribute it for total immersion properly.

Several of the advantages of a working irrigation system are the following:

  • It enables you to water the lawn at the best possible times without getting out of bed.
  • It protects your investment in landscaping.
  • It regularly provides the correct amount of water in a consistent coverage.
  • It decreases water waste, therefore reducing water costs.
  • It cuts down the disease and insect control costs, as a result of your plants staying healthier.

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Lawn Irrigation Maintenance

A working irrigation device is a fundamental part of keeping a well-maintained landscape and healthy lawn. A damaged sprinkler can cause brown patches in several areas. Make sure your system is always in working order with our irrigation maintenance plan. We will start up, examine, and winterize your program.

Creating an instant irrigation system helps make watering your lawn and landscape an effortless job. You need periodic maintenance for your sprinkler system to function as effectively as possible. Additionally, it involves an appropriate start-up in the early spring and turning off in the autumn. Our industry-trained experts can offer these services to help you come up with an effective irrigation maintenance program.

Our irrigation maintenance program will take away ugly brown spots and prevent careless overwatering. Our program includes three specialized visits to make sure that your system is running correctly.

Spring Start-Up Service: The start-up service has a ten-point process:

  • Make sure that the central water supply is on.
  • Prime the mainline.
  • Check performance at each zone.
  • Adjust for head-to-head coverage.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Check for apparent growth from around each head.
  • Test controller service.
  • Calibrate track time for spring conditions.
  • Check rain sensor control.
  • Identify the required repairs.

Mid-Season System Performance Evaluation: As the season turns from mild spring to warm and dry summer, your irrigation system needs some light tuning to maintain top operating performance.

Fall Winterization Service: The autumn winterization visit contains blowout of heads, rotors, lines, and valves before freezing temps set in.